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  • Agile Software Development

    Agile Software DevelopmentShriv ComMedia Soluions follows the Agile software development approach to deliver its clients efficient and flexible software solutions, quickly. Agile methodology lets us build an enterprise or a web based solution in a faster way by increasing the pace of development, modifications, maintenance and management of software solution. The development cost of a software project is reduced when Agile approach is followed. This approach is very beneficial for the clients whose market keeps changing frequently as this approach allows to incorporate changes in the requirement.

    Agile favors the dynamical behavior of today’s world, hence making it more reliable. It is hard for the clients to think, predict and synchronizes every scenario and mention the software requirements in the initial stage of the development firm. Therefore, agile methodologies are taken into account the dynamic and unpredictable that arises in software development process.

    The team in SCMS has gained experience and brushed up their skills by using agile software development process in years. Even though we follow agile our team make it a point to complete the project on time and within the budget while satisfying reasonable demands of clients. The project proceeds in small chuck development process iteratively. The different phases that this process has are:

    • Analyzing the requirements to prepare the technical specifications document
    • Planning and designing of software application
    • Building of software prototype rapidly
    • Managing and hosting of web-based application and services
    • Localization and internationalization
    • Documentation
    • 24*4 technical support
    • Maintenance
    • Training to staff

    Advantages of Agile software development methodology:

    • Provides effective and easy customer collaboration system
    • Quick delivery of high-quality software solution for the business projects
    • Flexible arrangement allows to make useful changes without any difficulty
    • Easy to identify project requirements and execute the right solutions in project development
    • Our software development division offers the customized software solutions and executes the latest trends in the global market.
    • We are adopting advanced technological tools and update regularly.
    • Our expert developers are going on different complicated projects and carry out appropriate IT solutions for challenging business projects.
    • After complete analysis of the requirements of our client, we implement business ideas and their strategies in a well-organized compartment

    For the flexibility and adaptability to change your requirements at any time during the development of the project you can choose agile project management software.

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