AJAX Development

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) programming is a group of interconnected web technologies that are used on client-side to create innovative web applications.It would not be wrong to say that AJAX development is the art of exchanging applications or data with a server and updating parts of a web page without hampering the status of the web page.

Being a well-known software development company in India, SCMS has a skilled team of programmers that provides excellent web services by making web pages more creative, interactive, user-friendly, valuable and responsive to customers.

Advantages to Use AJAX in Application Development:

At SCMS, we help our clients stay one-step ahead in the highly competitive and challenging marketplace. Its advantages are:

  • Asynchronous Calls:With AJAX developers are able to make call to a web server asynchronously.
  • Minimal Data transfer:Network performance is improved by not sending all form data to the server at once.
  • Limited processing on the server:Since all form data is not sent to the server at once there will be limited processing on the server.
  • Responsiveness:Since AJAX applications are asynchronous so they are very responsive.
  • Context:If all the form data is to be submitted by the users at once then users may loss their context of where they are.

Our Development Services Include:

  • RIAs (Rich Internet Apps) development
  • Highly interactive and attracting web interfaces
  • News website apps development
  • Web apps development
  • Enterprise and CRM solutions
  • BI (Business Intelligence) solutions
  • Integrated chat apps with applications
  • Web portal development
Developers use the following Technologies:

Our professional development team creates customized solutions for our clients by integrating Ajax with other web technologies such as ASP.NET, PHP and ASP. With the help of these technologies, they develop tailored web applications.

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