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  • Quotation Management System

    Quotation managementQuotation management is very important for a business enterprise dealing in selling of products and services. The processes have now become very complex and require much more expertise from the person appointed for the same. In relation to this, we provided our services to develop an application, which could support the services for quotation management system.

    The development was embattled at developing a solution for automating the processes in QM system. It served the client for generating new quotations regarding products and services and created a follow-up for the same. Those generated through this system were served as an input for other resources. A full research was performed from our end for analyzing every detail of the project ranging from the type of quotations produced, their status, follow-ups, the way they were beings served as input.

    The application was designed with an easy to use interface, which had the capability to integrate seamlessly with other applications as well. For the storage of sensitive data in the server, we have provided secure access, so that there is no leak of information or data loss anywhere.

    The features that were incorporated in the application can be overviewed as below:

    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for ease of use
    • Capable enough to integrate with other applications as well
    • Enhanced search capability for searching in large document for quotations
    • Seamless information sharing between different applications
    • Additional features to manage billing and shipping process
    • Central platform for every need
    • Automated process for smooth workflow
    • Compatible with various formats and environment
    • Special features for tracking and reporting purposes

    The solution provided them with improved performance with maximized productivity in every aspect. Improved conversion rate for the existing quotes and advance reporting features allow for better success rate for the organization.

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