skill set

Skill Set

Innovative skills under one roof

The key driver of change is technology. It provides new models for innovation and new opportunities for growth. We at SCMS, continuously encourage our team to constantly upgrade their skill sets that enable them to provide the best available solutions to our esteemed clients.

1. Web Technologies
Java Framework (Spring, Struts, Play, Spark), ORM (JPA, Hibernate)
.NET MVC, NHibernate, .NET Framework
PHP Magento, Woocommerce, Codeigniter, Wordpress
2. Mobile Technologies
Android Core Java
IOS Objective C, Swift
Hybrid Ionic Framework, XAMRIN , Phonegap
3. Database Technologies
My SQL MYSQL 5.0, onword
SQL Server SQL SERVER 2005, onword
MongoDB MONGODB 2.0, onword
Oracle ORACLE 8i, onword
Mobilising the Enterprise
Commediait Enterprise
Application Modernisation
Commediait Application
Outsourced Development
Commediait Outsource