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SCMS is one of the leading software development houses in India. Our portfolio features industry solutions for different business verticals such as Project portals, Enterprise application integration, Enterprise partnership, and Business acumen systems. Over a period, companies have already benefited from our IT solutions in the form of earning profits, enhanced access to critical information, and operations.

  • Services and Support Functionality: Quality of services and support are critical to Software Company— both early during implementation and over time for customer satisfaction and retention. High level of services can be expensive because of which SCMS provides its customers the tools to provide the right level of service to the right customers, at the best cost.
  • Multi-channel Service: SCMS superior multi-channel service with every type of customer interactions — live, online, email, and in-person — are tracked to a single customer record.
  • Easy Customization and Integration: SCMS customization and extension technology platform provides growing software businesses with a flexible, powerful, and extensible business management solution.
  • Web Services: SOAP standards-based Web service, APIs extends SCMS to other systems, third party vertical applications, or add-on capabilities.
  • Application Builder: Custom object, tab and code capabilities allow entire applications to be built and hosted within SCMS, providing all the benefits of a robust application architecture and on-demand hosting efficiencies.
  • Issue Management: SCMS lets you track and manage defects or enhancement requests with a closed — loop corrective action process integrated with support and service, seamlessly. SCMS Issue Management functionality and processes are integrated with customer relationship and case management, providing incredible visibility across the organization as well as to customers via their self-service portal, externally.

Core Competencies of SCMS

The core competencies of SCMS are those capabilities that are vital to the business achieving competitive advantage. We keep upgrading our skills, constantly and work towards refining learning curve thereafter applying it, effectively. Our core competencies include:

  • Skills in Customer Relationship Management

At SCMS, customer relationship management is part of the management-consulting group. We aim to reinvent marketing and customer management for high performing businesses. As consultants, we are specialized in tasks like focusing on strategy, taking responsibility for organizational change & business transformation, and notifying opportunities for improvement.

  • Upgrade skills through learning and experience

Our vision is to create advanced software that leverages the synergy among the industry. We believe in ongoing training that can be as informal as finding someone to help in learning a skill.

We at most times encourage our employees to upgrade their skills.

  • Encourage Modernization in IT solutions

In SCMS, modernization workbench is a powerful software platform that increases the business value of organizations' existing applications. The industry-leading technology enables the complete development lifecycle. It permits our users to understand, manage, modernize, and maintain their core applications.

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